Physiotherapy in Dubai: The Basic Info You Need to Know

If you are interested in working at a physical therapy clinic in Dubai and help people recover from their physical injuries due to accidents or ageing, then you can look into a career in physiotherapy in Dubai. There are a lot of different specializations you can get into under this field such as:


Pediatrics – if you enjoy working with children and think that you can inspire them to fight their disabilities and injuries, then pediatrics physiotherapy is the right choice for you. Here you will not only focus on treating the physical aspect of injuries but also interact a lot with the children and their parents or guardians every time you do a therapy session. That’s because as the child’s therapist, you must explain the progress of the condition of the patient to their family members and make sure you teach them too how to help the patient with some of his or her exercises at home. You may also discuss about proper nutrition and diet that will also contribute to the fast recovery of the patient.


Sports Medicine – in this specialization, a physiotherapist usually focuses on treating injuries related to sports activities such as knee pain from playing basketball, shoulder injuries due to gymnastics or swimming, and other sports-related physical issues. Aside from treatment, if you work under this specialization, you would also need to talk about proper prevention of sports-related injuries and may be asked to train some patient on strength training programs that would help them have a better physical condition and not make them prone to more physical injuries in the future.


Women’s Health – for this area, a physiotherapist would need to deal with Gynecology and Obstetrics and help women deal with different types of physical injuries related to lifestyle, accidents, or even pregnancy. Other issues that would go under women’s health are treatment programs for sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, back and knee pains, and pelvic and hip pain. There may also be instances that patients will complain about bladder issues, bowel problems, pelvic floor dysfunction, stiff joints muscles, and organ prolapse.


Before deciding to start your career in physiotherapy Dubai, just try to answer simple questions like: Do I enjoy helping people? Can I work without a fixed schedule and feel ok with it? Is it fine with me to have a lot of tasks at the same time and multi-task? Is it ok to sacrifice more working hours than usual in order to serve a patient and finish his or her therapy session? These are jus a few of the tough questions you would need to face before you decide to start your study or internship for physiotherapy. So if there are some questions that are still unclear to you, you need to rethink your plan because starting this physiotherapy career can be very physically demanding and time –consuming especially when you need to do several therapy sessions consecutively. If it’s in your heart to help and don’t mind working long hours to finish your work, then you should go ahead and start reading more on physiotherapy.