Can Regular Chiropractic Treatment Eliminate My Back Pain Permanently?

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain, then you know well the feeling of getting rid of it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Determining the best method to reduce your pain permanently will depend upon the answer to several questions.

Have you experienced this pain previously? If so, did you go to a regular doctor or a chiropractor? A doctor may prescribe pain medication while a chiropractor will address the issue with a more holistic approach such as stretching and spine manipulation. Following the chiropractors advice and doing stretches at home may entirely relieve back pain permanently. Taking pain medications will also relieve the pain, but the medication will wear off and must be taken again and again for pain relief.

How did you receive your back pain? Were you injured? Do you have a pinched nerve or a ruptured disc? There are may conditions that can create back pain and some of them can be life threatening. Always rule out the possibility of severe injury or life threatening injury by seeing your physician prior to making this decision about chiropractic care. After you rule out life threatening conditions you may well find relief from following the chiropractors instructions and doing some daily stretches and keeping those muscles in tone.

Does lying on your back on a hard surface help? Does it help to stretch? If so, you could greatly benefit from a chiropractor in eliminating your back pain permanently.

Do analgesics help you to relieve the pain? If so, an inexpensive muscle rub combined with chiropractic care could be your answer to permanent relief from pain.

How are you sitting? Are you sitting ergonomically correct? If not, pay attention to your posture. Often just changing how we sit, walk and do specific tasks can relieve our back pain. If your back pain is relieved like this you may only need a few quick visits to the chiropractor in order to eliminate your back pain permanently.

How old is your mattress? If your mattress is more than ten years old you may benefit from purchasing a new one. The old mattress loses its back support properties over time and you could be lying in a “hole” in your mattress that is causing your back pain. Again, a few quick visits to the chiropractor and a new mattress may work wonders to eliminate back pain permanently.

Chiropractors can work wonders on chronic back pain if you follow their instructions and watch how you sit, stand and walk. Avoid over taxing your muscles and never stretch unless you know you can readily and easily reach something, you may tear a muscle. Chiropractors can eliminate back pain permanently if you avoid stress and trauma to the area and follow the protocol set forth by your chiropractor. Spinal manipulation can realign the spine freeing you from pain both in your neck and in your back. You don’t have to suffer you can get relief from a chiropractor.

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